Who We Are

We have been advising and integrating foreign trade services for 14 years, focusing on International Procurement Strategy & International Logistics. We are experts in the import of certified and high-quality parts, pieces and machinery originating from Europe and Asia, with optimization of logistical costs, coordination of door-to-door processes, and development of new perspectives of growth in international business. 

Thanks to our constant visits to international trade fairs, we access the main logistical trends and opportunities. In addition, the contacts that we, as well as our representatives have established with the main global players enable us to identify the best purchasing options from various exporters, as well as customized projects to develop own brands and specific packaging.


Using our experience, we provide consulting, negotiation with suppliers, and management of the logistics to promote fast, cost-effective, and totally safe importation. With our know-how in routines of logistic projects, we can identify the overall availability of the ideal parts, pieces, and machinery to meet your needs. We set import routes, along with the logistic modal options for every scenario. We also consolidate cargo abroad to maximize shipping costs x benefits, as well as conducting manufacture and product quality analysis through our international representatives.

We aim to guarantee a successful outcome to your import operations, by providing you safe access to the absolute best global suppliers. We implement customized strategies tailored according to your commercial and industrial reality, supported by international researches to identify the most suitable partners and trading channels for your business.

Established in 2007
Power of Experience