Our Services

Import Action

We define procurement processes abroad and advise on the transport integration, consolidation of orders for several manufacturers, paperwork, international transport insurance, freight forwarders and customs agents focusing on the best cost x benefit for each project.

Foreign Trade Development

We also develop customized parts, pieces, and machinery in partnership with your technical team, as well as acting as support and interface with the supplier’s teams located in other countries.

Customs Clearance

We emit import licenses, classify, define the Mercosul Common Nomenclature - NCM code, issue the Import Declaration (ID), and close the process.

Customized Projects

We use all our experience in designing improvements on import operations and logistics. For that, we develop a new dynamic together with your professionals and provide continuous assistance and advisory services.

On-site Technical Supervision

We monitor on-site, if necessary, to check the production lot according to the technical specifications defined in the procurement contract.

International Partnerships

We develop international partnerships, new workflows, and methods of importation with suppliers located on the six continents.

Want to know more?

Wondering how to avoid the wearing of the parts and pieces? Would you like to introduce new products in the Brazilian market with your own brand and have doubts? Or do you even want to buy parts to be assembled in Brazil? Please read our news, get answers to your questions, and keep up with the most innovative and reliable products worldwide.